Family Sunday School

Sunday School is an important part of Christian education. But what can we do when we can’t go to church? We can have a family Sunday school in our living room or around the dining table! Each week there will be a new Sunday school lesson for your family to share, with a Bible story, coloring pages, and maybe a small craft project or song. Why not plan on having your family enjoy time learning about the Bible every Sunday morning before you watch our church’s live stream?

Also, if you need a personal devotional guide, check out the right column and find one that will help you.

Family Sunday School

Here’s a way to have Sunday school with your kids! Just pick the age group below, click on the picture, pick the current week, turn up the sound, and sit back and worship! (With lots of thanks to Life.Church!)

Connect for pre-k / kindergarten

For kids in 1st to 3rd grade.

Grades 4th through 6th.

Early Childhood: Two to four years old

Personal Devotionals

If you need something to help guide your devotional time, here are a couple of resources.

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