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What you can expect when you come to church

Where are you located? 📍

1701 Sparta Road, Belton, TX (across from the 9 Building
at Belton High School)

What time does the service begin? 🕙

What is going on for kids? 👶
We have a nursery for babies up to but not quite out of diapers for the entire service.
We have Critter Land for kids out of diapers but not yet in kindergarten for the entire service.
We have kids church for kindergarten up to 5th grade. Kids are dismissed to Kids Church as the offering plates pass.
You may pick up your children following the service. (Kids church takes a break during the summer months.)

Will I need to register my kids? ✅
Yes. As part of our safety system, we use Planning Center Check Ins.
Each of your children will receive a sticker with their name on it (and any allergies), and you will receive a pick up ticket.
In this way, we make sure only eligible people are picking up kids. If you’re a first time guest, we’ll help you with this process.

You can download the Church Center app for free, search Belton Nazarene Church, and check in on your way!

What if I don’t have any special clothes to wear? 🤠
It’s perfectly fine! At our church, you’ll see everything from shorts and flip flops to suits and dresses.
Our pastor typically wears jeans.

What can I expect during a service? 😃
While we give free reign to the leading of the Holy Spirit we usually find the following elements in a service:
video announcements, worship through music (about three songs with a live band), worship through prayer time,
a short giving talk, worship through giving, and worship through the Message.
All together, we’re typically done in an hour.

Do I have to give any money? 🤑
You do not have to give anything, nor will we put any pressure on you to give financially. We give everyone the opportunity to donate, but you do not have to give.

What if I have questions? 🤔
We have a great team of pastoral staff and other leaders in our church who would love to be a help to you.

What if I’m not sure about what I believe? 🤷🏽‍♀️
We’ve all been there at some point. We’re good with those who have a lot of questions about faith; we actually think it’s a good thing.

What happens if I show up at 9am? 
We have Grow Classes for all ages.

Can I check out what a message at your church is like before that Sunday? ⏯
Sure. Here’s a recent one: https://www.facebook.com/beltonnazarene/videos/2631118063678380/ 

Is the message just going to guilt trip me? 😇
Jesus is the focal point of our messages, and he gives new life and lots of grace.

What if I don’t have a Bible? 📖
That’s ok. We have traditional paper Bibles (you can keep it) or you can get a digital one here for your device. We have our notes in the Bible app.

 What if we’d like to invite friends? 🙌
The more, the merrier!

 Do you have free wifi? 🆓
Yes! While it’s not blazing fast (because we’re in some sort of weird, Bermuda-Triangle-of-no-internet-access), it gets the job done.

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