Next Steps

What next steps do you need to take in your spiritual walk?

Knowing Jesus

Knowing¬† Jesus is the best thing in the world! Let’s us help you understand how you can know Jesus.


Baptism is an important next step after becoming a friend of Jesus. Let us help you understand what baptism is all about.

Small Groups

We can live the Christian life better together with other believers. Learn how you can join a small group.

Bible Reading

Reading your Bible is a great way to learn about God. Here are some helps in getting started reading the Bible.


Finding a place to volunteer is a great way to become involved in the life of the church. Check out places to serve both within and outside the church.

Prayer Ministry

Caring and praying for each other is important. If you have a prayer request or would like to join in prayer, please contact us.

Pastor’s Class

Are you thinking about joining the church or just wanting to know more about what Nazarenes believe?

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