Reading the Bible

When it comes to knowing someone, to learn about them, you need to spend time with them. As we try to get acquainted with Jesus, we can get to know him by reading the Bible. Through the Bible, we can learn how much God loves us and hates sin. We can learn the ways in which God wants us to live. And we can know Jesus and, through the Bible, let Jesus know and speak to our hearts.

People often ask where to start reading the Bible. After all, there’s a lot there! It’s sixty-six books written for forty some authors over a period of 3,000 years on three continents! So, how do you begin?

A good place might be to read through the Gospel of John. (Gospel means “good news.”) It’s the fourth book in the New Testament and tells the story of who Jesus is through the eyes of one of his closest disciples.

When you want to move on to another book, the next one after John, Acts, is a good next step. It tells the story of the early church after Jesus went back to heaven.

Don’t have a Bible? Check with the church office or one of the pastoral staff, and we’ll be glad to get you one. Or you might pick up a Bible app for your phone. Our favorite is the YouVersion. You can choose from a bunch of different Bible translations – our fav is the New Living Translation. And when you come to church, the app will have all the Scriptures for the service, some notes about the sermon, and a place to take your own notes.

bncadminReading the Bible